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How to get the highest returns from your portfolio regardless of what the market is doing

Jun 25 2014

Venmark Financial works in close collaboration with Matson Money as our money manager. What Mark is trying to explain is that Stock Picking, Market Timing and Track Record Investing, do not work. In fact, investment companies using these strategies have consistently lost a bundle for their clients and with excessive costs in hidden commissions. What works is owning equities all over the world, diversifying between, large, small, micro caps, etc. , including some fixed income to offset losses and re-balancing quarterly. A very clearĀ  example is given by the return of the S&P from January 1st 1991 through December 31st 2010, which averaged 9.14 %, while the average equity fundĀ  investor only earned 3.83%, over the same period of time. The expert failed . The market is always right and no one can predict its future behavior.

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