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Most stock brokers, financial advisors (as they like to be called today) and big money managers, work for commissions, often not fully disclosed and turning over the funds up to 93% of the time, with internal commissions and expense ratios that are not disclosed. That is a very costly proposition, sometimes reaching heights up to 9 %. To give you an example ( which includes 2 large market downturns ) between 1991 and 2010 the S&P annualized return was 9.14 %. The average equity fund investor did 3.83 %. Where did the other 5.31% go? (DALBAR study: quantitative analysis of investor behavior, 2011)

We rely on the Free Market Portfolio Theory which is the synthesis of three academic principles: Efficient Market Hypothesis, Modern Portfolio Theory, and The Three-Factor Model. Together these concepts form a powerful, disciplined and diversified approach to investing. The result is globally diversified portfolios including over 17,000 equities spread across 45 countries, designed and engineered to capture market rates of return over specific time horizons.

We also charge a small flat fee to maintain your portfolio relying on Matson Money, a 20 year old company with more than 9 Billion under management and 33,00 clients, to take care of investing accordingly. This company has third party independent audited returns and performances.

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