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Many of us today have a 401k at work, or an IRA. Unfortunately we have seen these accounts lose a lot of money in the past because they are affected by the same problems all the other individual accounts are: stock picking, market timing and track record investing, plus excessive costs. Many own variable annuities inside them, which add costs that the insurance companies charge.

It is certainly discouraging to have to see your retirement account dwindle or stagnant.

If you work for a small company ( or for a large one) that offers a 401k, introduce us or allow us to talk with the owners and bring to their attention our coaching. Let us show them and you how to get your sick 401k on the way to recovery. Not to mention our tax savings techniques that can help companies increase their bottom lines. Most CPA and Tax Preparers are not aware of these techniques. We have the expertise to coach them through that also.

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